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Photo of the Beam Engine at Leicester's Abbey Pumping MuseumThis web site has been acquired by Cafenetworks Limited, who will be taking over the hosting and running of the site during 2008.

Travel to Leicester was created so that there would be one site that catered solely for people wanting to know how to get to Leicester. The domain name was registered and the site created and submitted to search engines in May 2001.

This web site does well in search engines and in April 2007 had 14,856 unique visits, delivering over 23,898 pages and had a daily average of 495 visits.

For many travel and leisure related search terms, this site is always in the top 10 search results and frequently enjoys first place.

We found a lot of web sites making up their own pages about how to get to Leicester. So we created one page to which other sites could link - instead of reinventing the wheel. We keep our local information and links to useful sites as up to date as possible.

Whilst the main thrust of the site is the travel directions, we offer a range of information about hotels, entertainments, leisure and visitor attractions to Leicester. We also provide information about towns in the County of Leicestershire.

Seeing Leicester

A strong feature of out site - and one that makes it stand out from other portals - is our pictorial content.

We have invested heavily in providing a wide range of photographic material of the City. There is a lot to see in Leicester, much of it tucked away in lesser known corners of the town. We have tried to bring the web site to life, offering not only information gathered by local people, but also photography taken especially for this web site by our resident photographer, Sewell Photography. Trevor Sewell specialises in outdoor and indoor photographs and photoshoots. He covers many of the festivals and local bands, including The Utopians rock band and the Caribbean Carnival.

The site has been designed for people outside of Leicestershire. Because the web designers have lived in the City for a long time and know it well, they are in a better position to weed out local Photo of Castle Parkknowledge that will be of value to visitors.

Ours is a hand-crafted site and not just a database of names and addresses. All the information placed on this site has been sifted and checked by human beings.

Local subsites

Some local sub websites are also part of the Travel to Leicester network.

The authors of the Travel to Leicester website also maintain community web sites for

Stoney Stanton

Braunstone Town





This network of local sites gives us the capacity to offer advertising and promotional opportunities across a range of sites within Leicestershire.


Advertise on this web site - we do banners and highlighted entries or we can do a whole web page for your venue or business.

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